29.06.2012 , Titan-Lesung, Türöffnung 19 Uhr - Lesung 20 Uhr

(Jan Bachmann,Patric Marino,Philippe Kottoros,Dragica Rajcic, Bettina Gugger,Eva Seck,Gianna Molinari,Barbara Schuler)

ORT: deuxpiece



Exhibition 16.6.2011 - 1.7.2012 | 6 pm in the Gallery

Aline Zeltner, Simon Krebs, Celia Sidler, Oliver Rossel and Raphael Bottazzini collect lovely pictures and lovely objects and exhibit these. Opening of the exhibition 16th of June 2012, 6 pm in the Gallery of "Artachment". Period of the exhibition: two weeks, till Sunday, 1st August 2012.

Behind  Glasses

Ean West

Exhibition 30.10.2011 - 16.6.2012  |  Finnissage 16.6.2012 / 6 pm in the Gallery

Satenik Aeschi (conservator / Bern), Rael Artel (curator / Tallinn), Raffael Büchi (mediator / Zurich),
Noëmi Denzler (curator / Basel), Mindaugas Gapsevicius (artist / London, Berlin), Fabrice Gigy (artist / Geneva),
Fanny Gonella (curator / Berlin), Stefanie Gschwend (curator / Basel), Lea Hess (curator / Basel),
Sophie Hope (artist, researcher / London), Hanna Husberg (artist / Paris), Jan Kiefer (artist, Basel),
Estella Mare (artist, curator / Munich), Charlotte Matter (curator / Basel), Anreas Mattle (artist / Basel),
Gianni Motti (artist / Geneva), Roland Roos (artist / Zurich), Magnus Elias Rosengarten (mediator / Berlin),
Francesco Russo (curator / Geneva), Michael Schmitt (artist / Cologne),
Simon Starling (artist / Berlin, Kopenhagen), Noah Stolz (art critic, curator, artist / Locarno),
Reto Thüring (curator / Basel), Seraina Von Laer (art historian / Basel),
Lilia Voronkova (sociologist / St. Peterburg), Martin Waldmeier (curator / Chicago),
Peter Whinyates (project manager, curator / Basel), Denise Zeller (Basel, Chicago / mediator),
Aline Zeltner (artist / Basel),

On the opening day the invited persons receive (by mail) a key to the art space Artachment. Their mission is to have the key duplicated and give (or send) it to another person of their choice with the requirement that they equally duplicate and pass the key on to someone else. Every time someone duplicates and passes on the key they can log in to Ean West's facebook site (event, Bees & Chairs) and post a message that the transmission has taken place. In that way they become part of the exhibition project and are mentioned on the sites of Artachment and Facebook. It is an open question whether anybody will really use their key to gain access to the space and use it. There will be a Finnissage of this process-related exhibtion. Everyone involved in the project will be invited. Ean West is a pseudonym. It stands for a collective that realises curatorial projects. Ean West was established in summer 2011.

Robert Müller (Vienna), Jukka Hautamäki (Helsinki), Elke Dreier (Glockenbachviertel), Wolfgang Kolbeck (Basel), Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky (Amsterdam)

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